Perfect day.

God is so good. Amazingly, awesomely good.

Things have been just clicking into place lately. The more I pray, the more control I relinquish, the more things tend to just work out so perfectly. Perfectly, it turns out, doesn't always match my definition of perfect.

Things really ramped up on Sunday with the coloring incident. I prayed about what reward I should treat myself to and what turned out to be the perfect reward found me.

Today despite feeling sick things worked out perfectly again. I was able to honor two commitments that I initially thought I was going to be forced to decide between. I had an event with the International Law Society that I had to attend. I had volunteered to take a shift checking people into the event. The shift was scheduled during my weekly Bible study. As I went to replace a friend who had been working before me, she kindly offered to take my shift as well so I could attend Bible study. It was so wonderful!!

As it turns out, you have to shift your perspective of perfect. What I originally believed to be perfect turned out to be incorrect. It only caused me more stress. But as soon as I asked for His perspective, I began to see all the little blessings in my life that really do make it all so wonderful. There are bad things, points of frustration, in my life. But my life is still perfect because those points of frustration are also points of growth, chances to mature and become a better person. To the world my life isn't perfect. I don't have a wonderful husband or a big house or a high paying job or the perfect body or perfect grades or a perfect family or the most popular friends. But I'm learning from my singleness. My little apartment is just right for me & the feathered ones. I'll find the job that's perfect for me someday; I'll be able to pay off the loans that are letting me achieve my dream and be satisfied emotionally & spiritually with the work I do. I often forget that work is holy as well. It's so easy to forget that simply because it seems so monotonous. I'm losing weight & learning to take care of myself. I study hard and do the best I can in school. I wouldn't change my family for the world. The exact same goes for my friends. My family and my friends see my flaws but still love and embrace me fully. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Life is pretty good if you ask me. He has made my life pretty darn good.

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