game day

Like the new layout?? So do I. I'll be tweaking it some more over the next few days. I'm trying to stay away from having my blog look like it was designed and created by the middle or high school version of myself. I would love a custom layout but you know, grad student budget. Enough about that.

It's game day today.

But you probably noticed that already. Even Cardinal Designate O'Brien mentioned the Super Bowl in his homily today, reminding all of us that even though Sunday is a day of rest and reflection watching the game is totally okay.

If my Ravens had made it I would be more stoked for the game. Although Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert are too cute. Together and apart. Just too cute.

Mostly I just really like football. It reminds me of home. When I was in Italy I found games on YouTube just to hear the sounds of home.

Football means Sundays.
Family dinners.
Comfy clothes.
Snuggling with the dogs on the sofa.
Dad getting too worked up (even if he doesn't like either team).

This past season I fell in love with the game itself. There's something so raw about it that appeals to me.

There was an even bigger game on earlier today. The Puppy Bowl.

Puppies playing football. Kittens putting on a halftime show. Cockatiels tweeting. Hamsters piloting a blimp. Pigs cheerleading. Really what's not to love?

I have something really big planned but I won't reveal it until Ash Wednesday. Just know that it involves this:

Curious? I'll give you a second hint: it's not really all that straight forward. I'm super excited about it personally.

For the first time since this summer I'm actually ready for rain. I'm excited for.

Of course there's none to be found, at least not when I'm actually going to go outside. Why would someone who spent monsoon season in South Korea be excited about rain?

These are why:

Technically I've already worn them. I wore them to church today; I thought there would be ice or snow on the ground. There wasn't any. 

Wearing rain boots when there are no puddles to play in is just no fun. It just saps all the fun out of even the brightest, pinkest of boots. 

So stay tuned for rain boots in puddles and Ash Wednesday revelations. 

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