a revised 30 by 30

A while ago I wrote a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30.

Then something dawned on me. I'm turning 25 in June. That only leaves me with 5 years to accomplish anything on the list.

More importantly, when I looked back over the list I realized that some of my larger life goals have changed. I have a different direction now, one that's more true to who I am and what I want from life. That being said, I think a revised 30 by 30 list is in order!

Continue reading after the jump for the actual list:

1. run a 10k

2. run a half marathon

3. run a full marathon

4. have something ready to take to a publisher

5. get my j.d. (and be done with school forever)

6. visit 5 new places--states, countries, whatever!

7. make a meal from foods i grew

8. own a westie

9. adopt a shelter dog

10. lose 60 pounds

11. read the entire bible

12. finish reading every book currently on my bookshelf & my Kindle

13. go sky diving

14. teach the birds something (anything!)

15. buy a house

16. go to an opera

17. learn a new skill

18. sew a new outfit

19. go on a cruise

20. go to vegas

21. learn a foreign language

22. pay off my credit card

23. buy a car

24. visit south america

25. visit africa

26. visit australia

27. buy a pair of designer shoes. pay cash to do it.

28. save up for & purchase a new dslr

29. take 1 trip per year for the sole purpose of visiting a friend

30. finish the 30 day shred

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