the shoes

day 15: february 14, 2012 by CDHoffmanBefore Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with a bone spur on my right heel. I didn't have to stop running but I did have to get new shoes.

Over Christmas I went in for a fitting at a running store near my parent's house.

I debated. And debated. And debated. Months went by and still no shoes.

Then I went to Whole Foods earlier today. I needed some oatmeal. I passed City Sports.
I stopped.
I passed City Sports again.
I stared at City Sports.
Finally, I went in.

And there, on the bottom row of the women's running section of the back wall filled with athletic shoes, there were my shoes.

But I doubted.

I bought my oatmeal. I wanted those shoes. So badly.

Do I buy the shoes? Do I forego little pleasures here and there to get them? Do I? Can I?

I could. I know I can. I need these shoes. I want to run. I love running. I don't love not being able to put weight on my right foot after a run.

I bought the shoes.

This afternoon I went for a run. And for the first time in months, my heel doesn't hurt.

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